Program Components


The program includes a curriculum for student learning, teacher and administration development, as well as a parent education component. Aligned with Nation Wide State Academic Standards lesson plans are designed to incorporate skills as related to health and literacy academic standards. It provides thought provoking and innovative techniques to help teachers internalize and utilize positive methods for effective classroom management.


The program includes a curriculum for employee and management training aimed at creating an awareness of, understanding the impact of and reducing risk for bullying behaviors. Increase productivity, job satisfaction, develop leadership skills, and improve employee relationships and ability to work as a team. Learn how to promote and encourage teamwork as well as utilizing the untapped strengths of your employees. Understand the importance of creating a positive and healthy emotional climate within your company.

Senior Residences, communities & Centers

Residents are engaged in hands-on interactive lessons designed to create an awareness about bullying issues and the life changing impact it has on people. The lessons aim to foster the use of empathy and create a sensitivity for those in congregate or community living residences. Staff and administration learns how to respond to incidents related to bullying among residents, addresses bullying behavior in staff and administration, as well as how to create a healthy emotion climate to encourage a sense of community and cooperation. Educate families about issues related to bullying among the 55+ population, how to identify issues that their family members may be at risk for, how the facility is being proactive in addressing these types of issues.

Program components available for purchase include:

  • Educational Conference for Staff and Professional Development
  • Staff Development Curriculum, Materials and Facilitated Events
  • Student Activity Curriculum, Materials and Facilitated Events
  • Resident Activity Curriculum, Materials and Facilitated Events
  • Family Activity Educational Materials and Facilitated Events
  • Hands-on Interactive training materials
  • Supplemental lessons
  • Pre and Post-test Analysis
  • Ongoing Support
  • Conflict Resolution Materials and Strategies
  • Counseling

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