Alyse November writes…

One day after school in April of 2004 my son Jacob came home and told me that some of the children in his class were making fun of him. He had a difficult time verbalizing the details, however, as a mother I knew in my heart that this was only the beginning for him… My heart began to break for him!!

…I asked myself if this is happening to my son, how many other children are faced with the same or similar challenges? Children with and without disabilities are teased everyday by their peers. Some are teased because of the way they look, others because of the manner in which they learn and others because of the way they behave. How could I help my son and all of the other children who were being teased?

…Then, in my work with adults and seniors, I came to understand that bullying affects people of all ages. Bullies grow up!! Bullies take it from the playground to the workplace and then to their retirement community. Education, awareness and empathy training are key elements in preventing and addressing bullying issues with any population.

Join me in being part of a solution to this overwhelming problem!

It was out of love and concern for all impacted by bullying that the Different Like Me© program was developed.

The Different Like Me Bullying Prevention Program produced a 75% reduction in Bullying behavior as reported by the students and faculty ot the Palm Beach County School System.

The Different Like Me Bullying Prevention Program for seniors produced very positive results. The seniors reported that they now are more aware of bullying behavior and feel better prepared to assist someone who is being bullied.

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