Program Overview

Bullying issues exist wherever there is a community living or working together. It occurs in residential and social communities, educational settings as well as workplace. These behaviors may be overt or subtle, but they have a direct and significant impact on quality of life, happiness and productivity.

Different Like Me© is an interactive program designed to address these problems by helping people become more aware, develop empathy for one another, understand and embrace each other's differences and accept each other for who they are. Different Like Me© strives to enable people to develop more effective patterns of interacting and communicating with others thereby leading to a greater sense of satisfaction in their environment. IN addition, it also promotes greater cooperation, reduced conflict, positive interactions, and happier and more satisfied individuals and communities. Different Like Me© enables participants to become part of the solution rather than contributing to what is becoming an overwhelming problem.

Different Like Me© is an interactive series of programs and hands-on activities for students, teachers, employees, administration, facility residents, etc. It is designed to address issues related to interpersonal conflict, bullying, exclusion, social isolation and social manipulation.

Different Like Me© strives to create a "positive emotional climate" by enabling participants to:

  • Develop effective and productive means of communicating

  • Create positive interactions

  • Develop a sense of responsibility to the internal and external community

  • Creating positive interactions between students, residents, staff, administration employees and members.

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