Special Needs/Inclusion

Statistics show that every classroom has between one to five students who have special needs.  Research shows that these children with special needs are at a higher risk for either being a bully or being the victim. People with Asperger's, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and many other special needs grow up and enter the workplace and senior living residences. Because of these special needs they may have difficulty "fitting in" or being accepted by their peers. Individuals with special needs are part of every community, which prompt several questions that must be addressed:

  • How do these people with special needs affect the overall emotional climate of the class room, workplace or facility?

  • What types of interactions are people with special needs children having with their peers, educators and employers?

  • How are educators, staff, and employees, managing inclusion in the classroom, workplace and residence?

The Different Like Me© program provides groundbreaking techniques to help students, teachers, employees, administrators and residents become more empathetic to the special needs of all. The result is an improved emotional climate, positive peer interactions, increased in self-esteem, greater productivity, and improved overall satisfaction.

The Different Like Me© teaches everyone how to become part of a solution to an overwhelming problem!

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