Our Services

Evaluations and Assessments

Children/Teens/ Adolescents/ Young Adults

There are many reasons a parent may want to have their child evaluated; school challenges, parent concerns, developmental delays, college accommodations and pediatricians' recommendations, to name a few. The decision to have your child evaluated is an important one and choosing the right team to complete this evaluation is just as important. Our evaluations are comprehensive and individualized providing you with an accurate assessment and understanding of your child's behavioral, academic, emotional and cognitive functioning. We will also provide you with a list of recommendations and resources as well as being your advocate.

Gifted Evaluations ADD/ADHD
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Learning disabilities
Early Childhood and Developmental Concerns Anxiety/Depression/Mood Disorders
Psychoeducational needs Social Skills
Study Skills/ Organization/ Executive Functioning

We provide disability evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations for cognitive disorders, vocational evaluations as well as educational evaluations for adults. We also assist adults with advocacy as well.

Counseling Psychotherapy Services:

Involves discussions between the patient and the mental health professional that may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts and feelings. In sharing the experiences with a trained therapist, patients gradually come to understand more about themselves, their problems and their patterns of responding to and coping with life events. Psychotherapy helps the individual to develop new ways of thinking about and coping with these events and to develop more adaptive ways of coping.

Family and Marital Counseling:

Often times couples and families have difficulty relating to each other, coping with stressors or resolving conflict. Family and/or marital counseling helps couples and families identify the issues, recognize the maladaptive patterns that contribute to their difficulties and develop new and better strategies of relating to one another.

Child/Adolescent Therapy:

Therapy for children and adolescents aims to address the concerns of the child/adolescent and the family. In therapy we utilize natural approaches to assist children learn about themselves, their relationships with others as well as the world around them. Our natural approaches allows the therapist to help children and adolescents to address and resolve their own problems, communicate better with others, express their needs an feelings, explore and modify behaviors as well as develop problem-solving skills. We provide a safe space for children and adolescents to express their problems and encourage expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to their development.

Group Therapy:

Can be a very effective type of psychotherapy for many types of problems. Individuals facing similar issues meet to discuss their own difficulties, share effective strategies for coping with and resolving problems and offer support to other members of the group.

Memory Loss Services:

Coping with memory loss can be extremely difficult for both patients and their loved ones. At Different Like Me we offer assessment, treatment and psychotherapy services designed to assess, treat and improve quality of life for all who are affected by the disease.

Neuropsychological evaluations Cognitive therapy for memory disorders
Organizational skills training Ongoing needs and safety evaluations
Caregivers stress management/ psychotherapy Facility placement
Referrals for community services to help your loved one remain safely in their own home
Psychotherapy for depression/ anxiety related to memory loss

Resource and Long Term Planning:

We will help you locate needed services from qualified professionals including but not limited to;

Elder Law Attorneys Physicians
Home Health Companies Private Duty Nurses, Aides, Companions
Facility Placement Meal Delivery Programs
Accountants Bookkeepers
Medicaid County Programs
Neuropsychological/ psychological Testing Medicaid applications
Physical, Occupational, Speech, Low Vision Therapy

Bullying Prevention Programs:

Curriculums focusing on bulling prevention are available for children, adults and elderly in a variety of settings.


As the parent of a special needs child I understand the challenges and struggles a family with similar issues may face. The IEP and 504 process can be very intimidating and daunting.

Our Team of caring professionals provide advocacy, support, education and resources to help navigate issues relating to the challenges that you and your child may face when working with the public school system in obtaining services and accommodations for your child.
Services we provide include:

Attendance at IEP/504 meetings Evaluations
Crisis Intervention Mediation and Due Process
Bridging the Gap between Home and School Parent Training
Information and Resources