Who We Serve

Bullying Prevention Programs

Research has clearly shown that bullying is not just a childhood problem. We now know that it exists in every stage of life. Developmentally appropriate curriculums focus on the needs of:

Children Adults (Workplace) Seniors

Individuals of all ages benefit from the empathy building and social skills training that are at the heart of the Different Like MeĀ© bullying prevention program.

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Advocacy Services

We provide advocacy services for IEP's and 504's to families who have children with all types of disabilities including autism, ADHD, OCD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder, behavioral problems, genetic disorders, anxiety, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, etc.

counseling Services

Involves discussions between the patient and the mental health professional that may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts and feelings. In sharing the experiences with a trained therapist, patients gradually come to understand more about themselves, their problems and their patterns of responding to and coping with life events. Psychotherapy helps the individual to develop new ways of thinking about and coping with these events and to develop more adaptive ways of coping.


Common problems we treat in the elderly include, but are not limited to:

Depression Anxiety
Grief/ Loss Caregivers stress
Self esteem Relationship/ family issues
Coping with illness Loss of independence
Adjustment disorders Memory loss

We provide home based assessment and treatment including but not limited to psychotherapy,
resource planning and long term planning for the geriatric population. Office appointments are available as well.

For family members who live out of town we can provide weekly visits to your loved one who qualifies for our services to help give you peace of mind that they are safely able to function in their own home.

adults/ couples/ familes

Diagnosis and intervention programs are available for adults to address a wide variety of problems.

Family problems Marital issues
Depression Anxiety
Bipolar disorder Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Change of career Sexual dysfunction
Personality disorders Mood disorders
Grief/ bereavement Caregivers stress
Coping with illness Other mental health problems

Our dedicated team of professionals provides cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral therapy, as well as other types of therapy specifically designed to meet the needs of our patients.


Typically services for children are provided in your family home. We work together with the child and the family to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Typical Problems we treat in children:

Developmental delays Asperger's disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder Depression
Anxiety Socialization delays
Eating disorders School related problems
Grief Shy, inhibited or withdrawn behaviors
Bullying issues Conduct disorder
Fears Sleep-related disorder
Mood swings Adjustment reactions