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Power Hour Accountability Group POP-UP



Friday July 15, 2022 8:45-10am

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Be sure to be in the location where you plan to get things done. Home,  office…

Space is limited.

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Course Description

Interactive task oriented POWER HOUR! Get whatever you have been avoiding or putting off accomplished!

Power Hour Accountability Group?

  • Clean out a closet
  • Declutter your desk
  • Write those emails
  • Schedule appointments
  • Clean out a drawer
  • Exercise

Is your favorite mantra “I’ll do it later or tomorrow?”

Do you find yourself starting a project, being constantly distracted, and never completing it?

Do you say to yourself, “I have no idea where to start!”

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re not alone!  Join us and use the ACCOUNTABILITY POWER HOUR hour to get stuff done!!

This interactive 1-hour workshop will help you: 

  • Push through your impulse to procrastinate and avoid
  • Get things accomplished
  • Develop a plan to continue to accomplish tasks.
Meet the Instructors
Alyse November, LCSW, ACSW
Founder Different Like Me

Alyse November, PhD, LCSW obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University, N.Y., and her PhD in Clinical Sexology from IICS. She is credentialed by the Academy of Certified Social Workers. Alyse is the founder of Different Like Me, a company with a staff of over 30 professionals providing psychotherapy, psychoeducational testing, cognitive rehabilitation, social skills and life skills. As a licensed clinical social worker, Alyse provides psychotherapy to individuals across the lifespan. A substantial portion of her practice has focused on addressing challenges faced by adults, seniors, families and children ranging from aging, chronic illness, divorce, relationships, parenting, and special needs to end of life issues, dementia, caregiving, educational challenges, anxiety, and depression.

Alyse is:

  • a published author and a national speaker and presenter
  • a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, parenting coordinator and a collaboratively trained facilitator
  • the Palm Beach Chapter President/Chair for the National Association of Social Workers
  • is on the board of Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities and National Association of Divorce Professionals


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