Program Benefits

Different Like Me© is a program that increases self-esteem, promotes positive peer relations and role development, positively impacts the emotional climate of the classroom, workplace or facility, increases productivity in the workplace, decreases behavioral problems in the classroom and dramatically improves student's learning abilities.

Different Like Me© strives to meet the needs of typical as well as exceptional/special needs students, employees and residents.

Different Like Me© has had proven results…

  • Students reported a 75% reduction in their teasing/bullying behavior after participating in the program for one year!!

  • Teachers reported an improved classroom climate!

  • Facility residents report a 65% improvement in being more sensitive to the needs of others.

  • Employees report that they have a better working relationship with their peers, managers and employers resulting in higher job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Some customers wrote:

"Before Different Like Me© my students were not getting along, calling each other names and pointing out physical, educational and emotional differences. Now, they have stopped their constant teasing and fighting and are getting along!"

"The staff seems to be more sensitive to the needs of the residents."

"This facility is a much nicer place to live since I have participated in the program, people seem to be getting along much better."

"I have watched them play with each other during recess as well as work cooperatively in class." "Our classroom is now a positive learning environment!"

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