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Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive disorders can affect cognitive abilities including learning, memory, perception, and problem solving. It can impact a person’s ability to function independently as they have in the past creating concerns for safety. Relationships with family and friends are also impacted by the disease which continues to change over time.

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Lewy Body
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Executive Functioning Impairment
  • Parkinson’s
  • Frontotemporal Dementia

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation is a type of therapy designed specifically for those with memory disorders, cognitive impairment, and/or brain-injury. Therapy assists to improve, compensate for or to maintain cognitive abilities. It entails an individualized program of specific skills training and practice plus metacognitive and compensatory strategies.

Cognitive rehabilitation is provided by one of our highly trained Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists. We begin with a full evaluation to determine your specific needs and deficits and develop a customized plan just for you.

Memory Disorder Counseling

Navigating memory disorder can be very challenging not only for those who have been diagnosed but also for caregivers, other family members and friends. Phone and online counseling available.

Individual counseling helps you to manage the challenges associated with the disorder and provide a safe place to express emotions, process thoughts and feelings, learn coping skills, mange fear and loss of independence issues, develop strategies, and learn how to continue to be as independent as you can be and adjust to your “new normal”. During the first session you will begin to see the world more clearly, feel more empowered and begin to see your path to the future.

Couples/marital counseling focuses on the specific challenges faced by couples when one or both develop a cognitive disorder. We help you to take on new roles, manage loss of independence, learn how to respond to emotional outbursts and develop a plan for care

Caregiving can be both mentally and physically challenging and without proper support, caregiving can take its toll on a person’s physical and mental health. We know that caregiving causes people to go through emotional cycles of guilt, sadness, anger, embarrassment, resentment and fear. Counseling is a necessity for all caregivers to minimize the risk of caregiver burnout.

Counseling for Caregivers will provide emotional support and guidance with the assistance of a highly skilled therapist who is experienced in working with these challenges. Studies show that those who receive regular emotional support are better equipped to prevent burnout, handle challenging care decisions and manage
their own needs.

Resource planning is an important part of the process as the needs of the person who is cognitively impaired increase. We can help you understand the process, learn about and connect you to local resources, as well as, help you work through all of the moving parts.

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