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Phone & Tele Therapy

Phone & Tele-therapy

Tele-Therapy Services We Provide

Tele-therapy is the on-line delivery of psychotherapy, cognitive rehabilitation/training and speech therapy via high resolution, live video conferencing or phone. Tele-therapy sessions are very similar to traditional in person sessions where you will meet with your therapist just as you would if you were sitting in their office.

Is Tele-Therapy Right for Me?

Tele-therapy allows you to do therapy at your convenience without having to take time to travel to a therapist’s office to receive high quality care. Whether you have a busy schedule, travel, prefer discreet sessions, are homebound, or just prefer the convenience tele-therapy offers we can accommodate you.

Receive quality therapeutic services wherever you are. Tele-therapy makes professional counseling accessible, affordable and convenient, so that you can get help with life’s challenges anywhere you are.

Sessions are scheduled in 15, 30, 45 or 60-minute increments making the session meet both your scheduling and financial needs.

How Do I Get Started?

If you choose online video therapy, you will receive a secure link which will connect you with your therapist. If you choose to participate via a phone call (only available for psychotherapy), we will call you at your scheduled time.

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