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We, at Different Like Me, understand that it can be challenging when individuals are questioning their gender or sexual identity. We also know that those who have come to a level of acceptance also are met with many personal, familial and environmental challenges. Many people feel all alone and like they don’t have anyone who understands what they are experiencing.

We provide a welcoming environment offering both in person and online therapy which allows individuals to engage in a therapeutic process where they will be heard and accepted. Working with a skilled therapist, you will be able to express yourself, gain insight, formulate goals and create an emotionally healthier you.

How do I tell my family?
What if they don’t accept me?
Do I really feel this way or is it something else, how can I be sure?
How do I get approved for hormones or surgery?
How do I manage work related challenges?

Family Counseling

Talking to family and friends can be very challenging, they may have difficulty accepting you. We work with you and your family to gain insight, a better perspective on each other’s feelings, develop coping skills to find a “new” and healthier manner in communicating and supporting one another.

Group Counseling

We offer group therapy, Please call our use our contact page to inquire about our current group schedule. 

Hormone, Surgery, Work, Name Change Letters

Those who are considering transitioning may choose to work with a therapist in order to obtain approval for surgery or hormone therapy. You may also want to change your name or be accepted at work which may require professional documentation as well. 

Telephone and Online appointments are available.

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