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Dementia: Clinical Issues that Arise in Working with Patients and Caregivers

DLM University

Dementia: Clinical Issues that Arise in Working with Patients and Caregivers



 Monday April 6, 2020 

$10 for Live Webinar

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Course Description

Working with patients and caregivers impacted by dementia is a specialty field. You will learn about the types of dementia as well as how they present themselves in everyday life, the impact on the caregiver as well as the person with the diagnosis. You will learn how to develop a fluid model based upon the ongoing assessment of your clients needs and the disease process. Understand the clinical implications as well as the possibilities in working with all members of the family either directly or indirectly.  Understand the different roles a therapist takes when working with this population. We will present case examples in order to discuss specific techniques you can utilize in your practice.  You will also learn effective strategies to assist patients to effectively move through life as the disease progresses. Learn how to clinically address issues relating to ongoing ambiguous loss, break though defensiveness  denial, marital issues, role changes, and more. Learn how to effectively present community resource planning and timelines.

Course Outline and Objectives
  1. Learn about the types of Dementia
  2. Understand the behavioral and cognitive presentation of the disease
  3. Understand the impact on the caregiver
  4. Learn techniques to work through ongoing grief and loss
  5. Understand how to Break through the defensiveness
  6. Marital challenges and therapeutic techniques working with couples and individuals
  7. Utilize case examples to create hands on learning experiences
Meet the Instructor
Alyse November, LCSW, ACSW
Founder Different Like Me

Alyse November is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University, N.Y. and is credentialed by the Academy of Certified Social Workers. Alyse is the founder of Different Like Me, a company with a staff of over 30 professionals providing psychotherapy, psychoeducational testing, cognitive rehabilitation, social skills and life skills. As a licensed clinical social worker, Alyse has been providing psychotherapy to individuals across the life spectrum. A substantial portion of her practice has focused on addressing challenges faced by adults, seniors, families and children. Some of the issues include, aging, chronic illness, divorce, relationships, parenting, special needs, end of life issues, dementia, caregiving, educational challenges, anxiety and depression.

Alyse has created and implemented a bullying prevention program accredited by the Palm Beach County Department of Safe Schools. She then transformed the children’s bullying program into a senior bullying program focusing on bullying issues in 55 and over communities.

Alyse is a published author and a national speaker and presenter. She is also a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, parenting coordinator and is a collaboratively trained facilitator. She is the Palm Beach Chapter President/Chair for the National Association of Social Workers and has recently begun supervising social work students from FAU. Alyse is on the board of Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities and National Association of Divorce Professionals. Alyse is currently enrolled in a PhD program and expects to receive her degree in 2020.


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